Optional 30mm Feet for U Series

Priced from: $62.00

Low Profile Undercounter Fit For All Manitowoc NEO U Series Ice Makers

  • Set of 4 feet, 30mm high
  • Optional
  • Adjustable
  • Shipping weight: <1kg;
  • Warranty: The warranty on this product is 3 years

The Manitowoc NEO U Series has really come out with a bang, rocking the heck out of the world of all-in-one ice cube production. The NEO U-140, NEO U-190 and NEO U-240 impress with their efficiency, programming options, and serviceability. But if you thought that you couldn’t possibly make these ice machines any better, you’ve got another thing coming. Four of ‘em, as a matter of fact. Chunky but sturdy, these optional, 30mm stainless steel feet will enable the ice maker to fit in most low counter configurations. During installation, the manufacturer recommends to either equip the ice machine with legs, or to seal it directly onto the floor. By default, the Manitowoc NEO U Series ice machines come with 6.00” to 7.25” (15.24 cm to 17.88 cm) adjustable legs. Where the height of these legs proves to be unsuitable, the optional, low profile feet are an excellent solution. These durable feet will sustain your ice maker through its years of tireless ice production. So don’t get cold feet, get these 30mm stainless steel ones instead and tuck your shiny new U Series unit in that snug space beneath the counter that’s got its name on it already.

Frequently asked questions about the product:

Q: What is the warranty on this product?

A: The warranty on this product is 3 years.

Q: Which ice machines are these feet compatible with?

A: These 30mm feet have been specially designed to support the Manitowoc NEO U Series range: NEO U-140, NEO U-190 and NEO U-240.

Q: Why do I need this product?

A: By default, the NEO series comes with 6.00” to 7.25” (15.24 cm to 17.88 cm) adjustable legs. For certain counter configurations, a lower height is necessary to be able to fit the machine undercounter. Alternatively, you can also seal the machine directly onto the floor, without the use of feet.

Q: Anything I should be mindful of when attaching the legs and levelling the ice machine?

A: Yes, you should pay attention while screwing the levelling legs onto the bottom of the machine, that you twist each foot as far in as possible to prevent them from bending. Once in its final position, level the unit with a level on top of it, and adjust feet as necessary.