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Pacific Ice specialise in supplying quality commercial ice machines, glass and dishwashers, ice makers and ice making equipment throughout Australia and the Pacific Islands. Offering the highest quality brands, prompt service, support and competitive pricing. Pacific Ice has a machine to suit you.

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About Pacific Ice

Pacific Ice specialise in supplying quality commercial ice makers for sale, ice machines and ice making equipment and services throughout Australia and the Pacific Islands.

We stock the highest quality brands including Follett, Manitowoc, Ice-O-Matic, Bracton, Norris, Grant, Kloppenberg and supply ice making equipment to a wide range of industries including commercial, hospitality, domestic, fishing, construction and mining. Not only do we partner with the best in the industry in order to provide an impressive range of ice machines at competitive prices, all of our machines are also backed by prompt service and excellent warranties.

Your ice machine should be able to meet your demand of ice when it’s at its highest, plus some. We recommend to include a 20% buffer to ensure you leave yourself room for growth or potential spikes in demand as, once you commit to an ice machine, you won’t be able to increase your ice production—short of purchasing a new one. For many businesses, peak season is summer due to thirstier, outdoors-happy customers, but it can depend on other factors, too.

Quality ice machines are sturdy, steel-made affairs, however neglecting your ice machine over time can ruin it as well as interfere with the ice characteristics. If you don’t clean your ice machine regularly, you leave common microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae, yeast and mould, room to thrive. So make sure you follow the manufacturer’s care instructions and clean it regularly (usually every 3 to 6 months) using an appropriate cleaner and sanitiser. We also recommend using a water filter to help prevent mineral build-up.