Ice Usage Guide

IndustryIce cube needs per day (approx)
Restaurant0.68kg per person
Cocktail1.40kg per person/seat
Water Glass118ml per 296ml glass
Salad Bar13.60kg per cubic foot
Fast Food148ml per 207-296ml drink
237ml per 355-473ml drink
355ml per 532-710ml drink
Cafeteria0.45kg per person
Patient IceSN12: Up to 20 beds
Beverage Service
Restaurant40% ice per drink x number of drinks served on peak day
IndustryIce cube needs per day (approx)
Guest Ice2.70kg per room
Restaurant0.68kg per person/seat
Cocktail1.40kg per person/seat
Catering0.45kg per person
Beverage177ml per 355ml drink
296ml per 591ml drink
473ml per 946ml drink
Cold Plate50% more ice per day
Packaged Icekgs per bag x bags sold per day

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Ice Machine Installations Guide

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