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  • Integrated ice machine with bin, now available with drain pump. Perfect for space limited facilities when sewerage installations don’t allow to use standard gravity drainage. Less than 610mm wide will provide the capacity you need in a small footprint 
  • High performance ice machines
  • Stainless steel evaporator
  • Auger and top bearings provides durability
  • Oversized, heavy duty, tapered roller top bearings ensures long low – maintenance life 
  • Semi automatic cleaning cycle reduces maintenance cost 
  • Regular flushing improves ice quality and reduces scale
  • 25% less energy than comparable capacity cube machines 
  • 40% less water than comparable capacity cube machines  
  • Designed for easy installation 
  • Front ventilated – no side, top or back clearance required 
  • Drain pump can pump 1.5M vertically and 5m horizontally 
  • Production up to 193kg/days at 21C air and 10C water temperature 
  • Production up to 147kg/days at 32C air and 21C water temperature 
  • Ice Storage capacity: 34kg/days 
  • Power: 10Amp/240Volt 
  • Machine Size: 597mm (W) x 660mm (D) x 990mm (H) on legs 838mm (H) no legs  
  • Warranty: 3 years parts and labour 5 years on compressor parts 
  • Ice Type: Mirco Chewblet 
  • Shipping weight: 84kg/days

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Follett Maestro Series | Self-Contained Ice Machine| UME425A80-PD | [193kg/day]

Follett Maestro Series | Self-Contained Ice Machine| UME425A80-PD | [193kg/day]