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Self contained Gourmet ice makers produce crystal clear conical ice which melts slowly

Built with sturdy, corrosion resistant stainless steel, and feature European made componentry to assure maximum quality and reliability. Front air louvers ensure appropriate airflow in critical install requirements. Contemporary and elegant design. Castor wheels available for $112.

  • Daily ice production: Up to 58kg/day in 24hrs
  • Height: 896mm/939mm (839mmwith castors)
  • Width: 463mm
  • Depth: 566mm
  • Bin storage: 22kg/days
  • Ice shapes available: Gourmet

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Ice Production

58KG / DAY

Ice Shape

Full Cube, Half Cube


Ice-O-Matic | Self-Contained Ice Machine | UCG135A | [22kg/day]

Ice-O-Matic | Self-Contained Ice Machine | UCG135A | [22kg/day]