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  • Insulated ice storage system with insulated carts for distribution
  • The model number indicates the number of carts
  • Capacities shown include cart capacity
  • Each system includes a 1219mm ice paddle
  • Basic shuttles are shipped fully assembled and shipping weights include carts
  • SL denotes extended sleeves to increase capacity
  • Sleeves are shipped separately
  • G (Giant) denotes a system that is extended 305mm in depth for added capacity



  • Equipped with a standard reinforced top that will accommodate ice maker. Please call for special application requirements
  • Stainless steel closures built to match ice manufacturing specification are included in price for all S/S lined bins. Please specify ice maker to be used at time of order
  • S/S tops are fully gasketed, reinforced and cut to ice maker of choice



  • All models equipped with adjustable bullet and/or flanged leveling feet
  • All 16 gauge stainless steel 38mm square tubing welded leg sets



  • Seamless modelled polyethylene liners with 38mm Foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation on SPS-1 and SPS-1G
  • Sliding view windows are 6.35mm polycarbonate
  • Ice Storage capacity: 408kg/days 
  • Carts – 1 
  • Dimensions: 1651mm (H) x 762mm (W) x 914mm (D) )

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Kloppenberg | Storage Bin | Shuttle Plus SPS1-G | [408KG/day]

Kloppenberg | Storage Bin | Shuttle Plus SPS1-G | [408KG/day]