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This machine is great for: Construction and mining sites, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels and clubs, nightclubs, pubs, sporting facilities, restaurants, cafes, ice bagging, convenience stores, fast food chains and supermarkets. This machine can be used for any application.

As far as the Manitowoc M-Series dominion is concerned, the M-Series 1000 is its undisputed Ice Queen, effortlessly producing a sizeable 445kg/day of ice per day. Just turn her on and look at her go! Cos there won’t be much else needed in terms of inputs from your side (thankfully). In fact, this series has been devised to be minimally intrusive, maximally productive, all the while being both reliable and affordable. Easy cleaning: only two screws separate you from the foodzone, where detachable parts come off without the need for tools and areas to clean are clearly marked in white plastic. In between cleans, CleanAir (optional but totes indispensable) will keep the bacteria and fungi at bay, ensuring an odour-free and hygienic environment for your ice. Easy programming: only three options, On, Off, and Clean—do you really need more? We reckon that shall, ahem, suffice.

Not ready for her majesty the Ice Queen just yet and would rather go for a lesser dignitary? The Manitowoc M-Series 500 might be a good candidate.

  • Daily ice production: 
    • Up to 445kg/day at 21°C air & 10°C water temp
    • Up to 381kg/day at 32°C air & 21°C water temp
  • Condenser type: Air cooled and Water cooled available
  • Ice shape: Available in Half Dice or Dice
  • Dimensions: 762mm (W) x 622mm (D) x 749mm (H)
  • R-410A refrigerant
  • Ambient temp. range 1.7°C – 43.3°C. Water temp range 1.7°C – 32.2°C

Frequently asked questions about the product:

Q: What is the warranty on this product?

A: The warranty is 3 years on parts and labour, 5 years on parts and 3 years on labour for the compressor, 5 years on parts and labour for the evaporator.

Q: Do I need to clean this ice machine? If so, which product should I use? How often?

A: Yes, this ice machine requires to be acid washed and sanitised regularly. We recommend cleaning the condenser monthly and the ice machine itself at least every 3 months. 

Q: Do I need an ice storage bin to go with this machine? Do they come separately?

A: Yes, this machine requires a storage bin to keep the ice in once it’s made, and yes, all storage bins are sold separately.

Q: Do I need to use a water filter with this ice maker?

A: Strictly speaking you do not need to use a water filter, but we strongly recommend using one. A specific ice machine water filter will reduce any accumulation of mineral deposits within the system, ensuring better taste as well as considerably extending the life of your ice machine. 

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Manitowoc | Modular Ice Machine | M-Series 1000 | [445kg/day]

Manitowoc | Modular Ice Machine | M-Series 1000 | [445kg/day]