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The Norris IR200 rack conveyor is perfect for any high volume commercial kitchen. This machine operates in 4 stages, pre-wash, wash, rinse, dry and does it quickly. So you can be assured everything that goes through the rack conveyor comes out clean and dry ready to use.
This machine can process up to 200 racks per hour making it a perfect addition to any fast pace commercial kitchen.

  • 3 Year Warranty on Control Board
  • Powerful 10500W wash tank element
  • 3 Cycle wash options
  • 2 X 1500W cycle options
  • Up to 200 racks per hour (Dependent on incoming water temperature and pressure)
  • Recirculating wash system
  • Useable wash height of 450mm
  • Dryer unit available
  • Dimension (W x D x H) – 1968mm x 770mm x 1585-1645mm

Additional information

Dimensions770 × 1968 × 1585 cm



Norris | Dishwasher | IR200

Norris | Dishwasher | IR200