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  • Automatically transport ice through a tube with RIDE technology from up to 22.8M away
  • Chewblet ice dispensers reliably from ice and beverage dispensers 
  • Available with approximately 2.54cm long standard Chewblet ice or optional 0.95cm long Micro Chewblet ice 
  • Meets 2018 Department of energy regulations
  • Water and energy efficient 
  • Quiet production without noisy harvest cycles 
  • Durable and attractive ice machine 
  • Regular bearing inspection or replacement is not required 
  • Easy to read LED operating status and diagnostic display 
  • Smooth contours for aesthetically appealing appearance 
  • Designed with sanitation in mind 
  • Agion silver based antimicrobial product protection of key ice and water contact components 
  • Aluminum-bronze evaporator has antimicrobial properties 
  • Automatic  self-flushing reduces water scale buildup
  • Floatless, sealed design inhibits formations of biofilms 
  • Semi-automatic cleaning and sanitizing system
  • Machine Size: 540mm (H) x 577mm (W) x 616mm (D) 
  • Ice types available: Micro Chewblet   
  • Production up to 295kg/days with air 21C and 10C water 
  • Production up to 217kg/days with air 32C and 21C water 
  • Shipping weight 86.2kg/days 
  • Power supply 240Volt 15Amp
  • Warranty: 3 years parts and labour on all components, 5 year compressor

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Follett Elite Series | Modular Ice Machine | HCE700ABT | [295kg/day]

Follett Elite Series | Modular Ice Machine | HCE700ABT | [295kg/day]