Ice-O-Matic ICEU46 [20.5kg/day]

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Self-Contained Undercounter Gourmet Ice Maker for Small Spaces

  • Daily ice production: 
    • Up to 20.5kg at 21°C air & 10°C water temp;
    • Up to 17kg at 32°C air & 21°C water temp;
  • Built in storage bin capacity: 8kg;
  • Condenser type: Air cooled, Water cooled available;
  • Ice shape: Available in shot style Bistrot cubes;
  • Dimensions: 390mm (W) x 515mm (D) x 640mm (H);
  • R134a refrigerant;
  • 240Volt 10AMP plug;
  • Ambient temp. range 10°C – 43°C. Water temp range 5°C – 38°C;
  • Shipping weight 36kg;
  • Warranty: 2 years on parts and labour;

The Ice-O-Matic ICEU46 is a tad larger and produces and stores more ice than the ICEU36, so if you’ve got the extra bit of space, bigger is indeed better. Coming in at 8kg storage capacity and up to 20.5kg daily production of shot style Bistrot cubes, this ice maker will fit the bill of small bars, restaurants and cafes as well as private use. This type of ice is impeccably clear and slow-melting, keeping your drink chilled for a longer time while enhancing its flavour. As with other models in the Ice-O-Matic range, the ICEU46 is built from durable, corrosion-resistant stainless steel and sports a fingerprint-proof plastic door, keeping things classy even in the midst of the morning rush. Engineered to be easy to install, service and maintain, the model draws air and exhausts it directly from the front of the unit. That means that you can safely install it against the counter, she’ll be right!

What about more ice production? The Ice-O-Matic ICEU66‘s got a few extra cubes for you. 

This machine is great for: Bars, clubs, restaurants, cafe, pubs, houseboats and residential, both as primary ice maker for small venues and as secondary for bigger sites that already employ one.

Frequently asked questions about the product:

Q: What is the warranty on this product?

A: The warranty is 2 years on parts and one year on labour.

Q: Do I need to clean this ice machine? If so, which product should I use? How often?

A: Yes, this ice machine requires to be acid washed and sanitised regularly. We recommend cleaning the condenser monthly and the ice machine itself at least every 3 months. Check our Cleaning Products page for our assortment of ice maker cleaners.

Q: Do I need an ice storage bin to go with this machine?

A: No, this machine is self-contained and does not require a storage bin.

Q: Do I need to use a water filter with this ice maker?

A: Strictly speaking you do not need to use a water filter, but we strongly recommend using one. A specific ice machine water filter will reduce any accumulation of mineral deposits within the system, ensuring better taste as well as considerably extending the life of your ice machine. A selection of the best compatible ice maker water filters can be found here