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This machine is great for: Restaurants, bars, cafes, coffee shops, office, healthcare, stadium boxes, front of house applications.

The state-of-the-art Manitowoc NEO series is the new kid on the (ice) block. Challenging the status quo in performance, intelligence and convenience, NEO machine simply travel on a whole new level. Take the Manitowoc NEO U-140. This self-contained ice maker offers high productivity, matched by excellent storage space, thanks to improvements in performance (energy consumption down 10%, water consumption down 25%) that score wins for your bottom line and earn an Energy Star qualification. The unit is intelligent, thanks to its user-friendly options, enabling ice production delay (for up to 24hrs e.g. on closing days), auto-cleaning cycles, or a one-look status check (whether bin is full or service is required). It’s convenient thanks to a modular design that can quickly come apart (the bin is removable) for tool-free cleaning and maintenance; less cleaning is needed thanks to AlphaSan-fitted components and the valuable LuminIce Growth Inhibitor accessory. For an ideal undercounter fit, optional 30mm feet are available.

Need more daily volume but got no extra space to spare? The Manitowoc NEO U-190 and Manitowoc NEO U-240 will trade you some in exchange for just a couple kg/days of storage.

  • Daily ice production: 
    • Up to 55kg/day at 21°C air & 10°C water temp
    • Up to 41kg/day at 32°C air & 21°C water temp
  • Built-in storage bin capacity: 40.8kg/day
  • Condenser type: Air cooled
  • Ice shape: Regular, full cube, half cube
  • Dimensions: 660mm (W) x 711mm (D) x 826mm (H) – 978 with legs
  • Ambient temp. range 4°C – 43°C. Water temp range 7°C – 32°C
  • 10AMP
  • Shipping weight: 71kg/day

Frequently asked questions about the product:

Q: What is the warranty on this product?

A: The warranty is 3 years on parts and labour, 5 years on parts and 3 years on labour for the compressor, and 5 years on parts and labour for the evaporator.

Q: Do I need to clean this ice machine? If so, which product should I use? How often?

A: Yes, this ice machine requires to be acid washed and sanitised regularly. We recommend to cleaning condenser monthly and the ice machine itself at least every 3 months. 

Q: Do I need an ice storage bin to go with this machine?

A: No, this machine is self-contained and does not require a storage bin.

Q: Do I need to use a water filter with this ice maker?

A: Strictly speaking you do not need to use a water filter, but we strongly recommend using one. A specific ice machine water filter will reduce any accumulation of mineral deposits within the system, ensuring better taste as well as considerably extending the life of your ice machine.

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Ice Production


Ice Shape

Full Cube, Half Cube


Manitowoc | Self-Contained Ice Machine | NEO U-140 | [55kg/day]

Manitowoc | Self-Contained Ice Machine | NEO U-140 | [55kg/day]