Manitowoc Sotto UG-30 [31kg/day]

Priced from: $1,614.00

Self-contained Gourmet Undercounter Ice Maker

  • Daily ice production: 
    • Up to 31kg at 21°C air & 10°C water temp;
    • Up to 25kg at 32°C air & 21°C water temp;
  • Built-in storage bin capacity: 10kg;
  • Condenser type: Air cooled and Water cooled available;
  • Ice shape: Octagonal gourmet ice;
  • Dimensions: 450mm (W) x 475mm (D) x 650mm (H) – legs 101-152mm sold separately;
  • Ambient temp. range 10°C – 43°C. Water temp range 10°C – 32°C;
  • Shipping weight: 45kg;
  • Warranty: The warranty is 2 years on parts and 1 year on labour.

If you’re looking to add that magic touch to your chilled drinks, you’ve come to the right place. The Manitowoc Sotto UG-30 produces the large, crystal-clear, unique 20g octagon ice cube that’ll freshen you right up—with a splash of class. With a daily ice production of up to 31kg daily, this as-small-as-they-come self-contained ice maker is the perfect auxiliary gourmet ice machine; it may even get to play the lead role in smaller venues, where a few, stylish, slow-melting cubes can go a long way. Up to 43% more efficient than Manitowoc’s previous, similarly sized models, this ice machine offers plug-and-play functionality for an undercounter installation, with limited noise impact, and no top or side clearance requirements. Designed with both customers and operators in mind, its features include a slide-out air filter and a no-tool foodzone for an easy cleaning experience, as well as a self-adjusting production mechanism that’s always delivering consistent volume, even in changing ambient temperatures.

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This machine is great for: Restaurants, bars, cafes, coffee shops or delis where just a few large cubes per drink are enough.

Frequently asked questions about the product:

Q: What is the warranty on this product?

A: The warranty is 2 years on parts and 1 year on labour.

Q: Do I need to clean this ice machine? If so, which product should I use? How often?

A: Yes, this ice machine requires to be acid washed and sanitised regularly. We recommend cleaning the condenser monthly and the ice machine itself at least every 3 months. Check our Cleaning Products page  for our assortment of ice maker cleaners.

Q: Do I need an ice storage bin to go with this machine?

A: No, this machine is self-contained and does not require a storage bin.

Q: Do I need to use a water filter with this ice maker?

A: Strictly speaking you do not need to use a water filter, but we strongly recommend using one. A specific ice machine water filter will reduce any accumulation of mineral deposits within the system, ensuring better taste as well as considerably extending the life of your ice machine. A selection of the best compatible ice maker